We are extremely sorry about the delays customers are experiencing with parcels shipped with Royal Mail in the last few weeks. This is affecting parcels from the 25th Nov, with a handful from earlier in that week too.

This is affecting Tracked 24 and Tracked 48 parcels.

Industrial action at Royal Mail has resulted in large quantities of our parcels effectively stuck in their system, with no tracking available. We have chased this with Royal Mail but, as you can appreciate, they have thousands of customers and millions of parcels so getting any update on ours is not possible. 

Key info

  • If you have received a parcel dispatched email from us, then the parcel has been collected and is with Royal Mail.
  • Usually the first scan and then a tracking update is at a Royal Mail hub (usually Bristol mail centre for us)
  • Many items are not showing this, we can assure you that parcels have left us and are with them but awaiting a sort and therefore a scan.

Our contact at Royal Mail has updated us on the situation at the Bristol Mail centre (where all our parcels get routed through). In summary, due to the huge volumes of parcels, the order in which they came in has been lost, resulting in parcels shipped in later days moving before older ones, We are seeing this affect us and you significantly. We have been told that a senior management team is on site to deal with the issue and Royal Mail have employed a company to move parcels to other mail centres around the country that have capacity to sort, scan and route the backlog. And that this backlog should be cleared soon. 

Update on Wednesday 28th December

We're updating customers in order to be completely honest and open about the info we have.

In the table below is latest info we have from Royal Mail on the percentage of our parcels shipped that day that are yet to be scanned or actioned, this doesn't mean Royal Mail don't have them, just that they are sat waiting for action in the mail centre. Once scanned, parcels will slowly move through the network and get to you, albeit not as quickly as we wish.

We will update this info daily. We are seeing these numbers go down each day, so parcels are getting actioned, just not as quick as we and our customers would like.

Date order marked as shipped

Actual collection date by Royal Mail due to strike actionServices affected% of Parcels affected
25/11/22Mon 28/11Tracked 24 & 482% affected
28/11/22Mon 28/11Tracked 24 & 481% affected
29/11/22Tues 29/11Tracked 24 & 481.6% affected
30/11/22Fri 2/12Tracked 24 & 480.7% affected
1/12/22Fri 2/12
Tracked 24 & 48
1% affected
2/12/22Fri 2/12
Tracked 24 & 48
0.7% affected
5/12/22Mon 5/12Tracked 24 & 48
0.8% affected
6/12/22Tues 6/12Tracked 24 & 48
1.4% affected
7/12/22Weds 7/12Tracked 24 & 48
1.6% affected
8/12/22Thurs 8/12Tracked 24 & 48
0.05% affected
9/12/22Mon 12/12Tracked 24 & 48
1% affected

Once again we would like to sincerely apologise for the delay, as a small business this is having a huge impact on the usual high level of service we try to offer, and we really appreciate customer's patience and understanding.

We are experiencing a high level of calls to our customer services, so if you have a query then please email help@tauntonleisure.com, and we will get to your enquiry when able.

Further updates will be posted here when we have them.