We have many tools to help get the perfect fit and with the feedback from the staff and the products below we nearly always succeed. You are unlikely to have these products at home unless you have already had to experiment with fitting so we are providing a brief description below of what they do and how to use them.

Socks – This might sound obvious but it is probably one of the most common mistakes we see in store when customers bring poor quality or old worn socks in when they come to try on footwear. If you don’t own a quality pair of socks that were designed for walking boots you don’t know what you are missing. It often makes the difference between a good fit and a great fit. Quality socks have a better fit due to zones of extra cushioning, elastication in all the right places and generally have a high merino and synthetic fibre content with very little, if any, cotton content. We always recommend starting with a Light weight or Mid weight sock unless you specifically suffer with cold feet or need the extra cushioning around the whole foot and ankle/ shin area due to sensitivity issues.

Volume reducers – The most common tool we use in the shops to get a good fit. It is a 3mm thick layer of stiff foam in the shape of a footbed, which you place under the original footbed of the boot or shoe to get a snugger fit. It basically removes some space from the internal width and height of the boot but does not affect the length. They are particularly useful when you are struggling to make your mind up between sizes, and often essential for those of you with a low arch or narrow width measurement. They are trimmable so use the original footbed as a pattern to get a good fit.

Tongue depressors – Another product that caters for those of you with a lower volume foot. If you are struggling to get the lacing tight enough on your boot of choice then combining these with a set of volume reducers normally reduces or completely removes unwanted movement of the foot inside the footwear.

Heel Lifts – These are often used to reduce the pressure placed on your Achilles tendon but can also be a useful tool if you suffer from Plantar fasciitis too. Not strictly a fitting tool for adjustment but something to consider if you suffer mild discomfort in the Achilles or sole of your foot.

Superfeet – Quite often the Superfeet inserts can be the difference between getting a fit, or not, if you struggle with finding boots or shoes. They are a one stop solution for reducing many fit problems like over extension, heel lift, over pronation, heel lift and low volume etc. They are particularly good at reducing hip and knee pain and foot issues such as Plantar fasciitis