All items which make use of Gore-Tex waterproof membranes are quite literally ‘Guaranteed to keep you dry’ (more on this below). These include Gore-Tex, Gore-Tex Pro, and Gore-Tex Paclite Plus with the exception to this being Gore-Tex Infinium, this is a technology aimed at windproofing and optimal breathability.

As long as a Gore-Tex jacket is properly looked after with semi-regular reproofing, we cannot think of a better garment to keep you dry when out on the hill. Gore-Tex has a hydrostatic head (HH, a unit measuring the amount of pressure required to push water through a material) of around 30,000HH. To give some clarity, a fabric needs a hydrostatic head of only 5000HH to be considered waterproof. This means that Gore-Tex is without a doubt more than capable of seeing off any deluge.

When it comes to breathability and sweat within the jacket, Gore-Tex is the original breathable membrane! You can rest assured that a Gore-Tex membrane will keep you cool enough during hard activity to prevent you from completely soaking yourself from within. To aid this, the use of a decent technical base layer within the jacket will help to effectively wick sweat away from the skin’s surface reducing any clammy feeling from within. 

On the outer layer of a Gore-Tex jacket, you will find a high-denier nylon fabric treated with a DWR (durable water repellent) solution. This treatment is what gives a Gore-Tex jacket that satisfying run-off from water droplets. Despite looking so satisfying, the DWR’s main purpose is to prevent the outer layer of the Gore-Tex from ‘wetting out’. This is when your jacket’s surface absorbs water and looks wet. Though the water cannot pass through the membrane, it can leave the wearer feeling clammy as moisture from within the jacket such as vapour from your skin cannot so easily escape through the jacket. This is why it is vital to occasionally reproof your jacket, replenishing the DWR with either a wash-in or spray-on reproofer such as those from Nikwax or Grangers to keep your jacket performing to a high standard as after extended use DWR does wash out when exposed to multiple treks in the rain.

As mentioned above, every product which makes use of a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane carries the Guaranteed to keep you dry promise. If you are not satisfied with the waterproofness, windproofness, or breathability of your GORE-TEX product they will repair it, replace it or refund your purchase price subject to fair wear and tear of course! As long as you keep hold of proof of purchase (whether an order confirmation if bought through us online or your receipt when making a purchase in one of our stores) you can return faulty items to Taunton Leisure, we will send it back to Gore and get it inspected & tested.