When selecting full length walking trousers, it is important to know how far down your ankle they should come. Too short and your ankle can be exposed to the wind while water drips into your boots, while too long and the trousers will be bunchy and cumbersome while potentially soaking in water and dirt from the ground eventually wearing out.

When trying on trousers, aim to find a size where the bottom hem sits just higher than the top of your foot without coming too close to the ground behind your ankle. Ideally, you’ll want to try them with a CLEAN pair of shoes to make sure that they work properly with footwear.

When buying before trying, you’ll need to have a good idea of leg length my measuring your leg’s inner length. You can do this with measuring tape. Holding the top by your crotch a measuring the length down the inside leg all the way to the ground. Using this measurement, compare it with manufacturer’s lengths (Usually short, regular or long) and choose the best for you. Please note that some manufacturer’s lengths differ compared with others, our size guides shown on each product will help there. Browse our range of walking trousers.