In short, the answer is no. G-1000 is not made to be 100% waterproof; instead, it represents an alternative to standard outdoor wear, prioritising both water resistance (not complete waterproofing) and breathability. It is true that when G-1000 is properly waxed and taken care of, it will happily see off light showers for a time but since it does not have a fully waterproof membrane beneath it, water will eventually seep through.

Where G-1000 really shines are cold and dryish conditions. You can perform fast-moving activities over prolonged periods of time and not get sweaty as the fabric is superior in breathability to a membraned garment. Its windproof, tightly woven finish keeps the piercing cold out superbly and you can feel very secure within on harsh terrain as G-1000 is almost unbeatably tough and durable against scrapes and prolonged use. G-1000 garments are outstanding for years of hard outdoor use.

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