As well as effectively helping you balance when walking over rough terrain for long 

distances, here are the main advantages of using poles:

They are better for you than going without and safer. It has been shown that using 

trekking poles will reduce the accumulated stress on the feet, legs, knees and back by sharing 

the load more evenly across the whole body. This is especially true when carrying a heavy 

pack on your back. Trekking poles provide you with additional support, balance and stability 

helping anyone over rough terrain by giving them something to put their weight on. The 

carbon tips at the poles foot is made to grip and hold the smallest cracks, bumps and gaps to 

give you something to push against. Using poles improves your posture, making you walk in 

a more upright position which takes weight from your back, reducing fatigue and can help 

with breathing.

They improve your walking. You will notice when using poles properly that you are able to 

cover ground considerably faster, this is because they encourage larger strides. When walking

uphill, the poles improve your power and endurance offering you something to push against 

with your arms allowing your arms and legs to work in unison. You will also notice improved

speed and agility whilst walking downhill, your knees will certainly thankyou for taking 

away some of the usually put on them when not using poles.

They aid your fitness without you noticing. The correct use of trekking poles burns more 

calories than standard walking without poles, providing both an upper body workout as well 

as leg-based exercise. Though more calories are burnt, you will not feel as worn out because 

walking poles are proven to reduce the pains associated with walking such as repetitive 

impact on the feet, knees and lower back. The posture correction from walking poles allows 

the body to more efficiently strengthen the muscles which support the spine and the upper 

body workout builds muscles in your arms, shoulders and neck.